Time and gain people tell me that it is not designing and developing change that is hard.  It is the implementation!


Recently I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a great team of leaders who I worked with 15 years ago.  After we had our Zoom meeting, I sent round the photo of the group to everyone with a comment that I was attaching the outputs of the session!  That’s how we always ended our meetings years ago, so everyone felt good about what we had achieved and could also see what their next steps were.  A very powerful yet simple thing to do which was just one of the ways we implemented change successfully.


There are many tools you can use to implement change.  Often it is the simple things like confirming outputs and next steps that can make the difference.  As a leader of change you need to ensure that you keep focused on implementation so that what you envisage comes to life. Its one of the critical success factors in Leading for Change.