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Embrace multigenerational working to create a successful organization!

Multigenerational working is part of the way we do business today.  But how is it affecting the way we work? What can we do to build better relationships and enable effective organisations? Recently, Dianne Lee, Jonathan Betts, Renos Savva, Elisabeth Mortimer-Cassen, Amina Udechuku and Jackie MacRitchie have explored this. We shared experiences of working in hierarchical structures and what we [...]

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Engaged and connected employees are the key to Leading Change

In 2024 I’m exploring how employees can lead change from the bottom up.  What does it take to drive success? My first discussion on this topic was with  Mike Mair.  We concluded that if employees are truly engaged and connected then leading change bottom-up is possible. The role of leaders and managers is critical to achieve real engagement and connection.  Using data [...]

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The changing face of people management

Remote and hybrid working has changed the role of people management. Recently Jackie Macritchie, Dianne Lee, Jonathan Betts, Amina Yesufu-Udechuku, Elisabeth (Liz) Mortimer-Cassen and Sara Vandenberghe discussed why middle managers are so important and how to nurture and develop.  This was shared in a previous post. As part of that discussion, we identified that remote and hybrid working has added extra [...]

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Put middle managers at the centre of your organisation!

In 2024 I’ve been exploring how employees can lead change from the bottom up.  What does it take to drive success? One theme that has come up consistently is the need to have a supportive environment.  Who creates that for front line employees?  It's the layer that is often described as middle (or people) managers. How can we, and do we nurture and [...]

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Unleashing the power of Belonging – the elusive factor in organizational success

Having a sense of Belonging in your organization is now being recognized as one of the most important factors to drive well-being, engage employees and thus organizational performance. It was no surprize that Belonging was selected by a small group of Life Sciences leaders to be a topic for our forum and because it was such a great discussion, they [...]

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Be positive – or not?

Recently I had the pleasure of delivering a “Leading for Change” book club event with @HBA Netherlands. The group discussed why they wanted to be better at Leading for Change.  There were many reasons, such as individual development, to contribute to their organisations success and to lead for change in moving towards gender equity. Inspiring.  What I really liked about [...]

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Let me get through to the end of the year!

The last few weeks of the year are upon us.  Every year there is increased pressure at the end of the year as we rush to complete activities and meet the objectives that we set ourselves.  This year seems to be even harder.  After two very tough years our energy is waning, and we seem more stressed than ever. Is [...]

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Using technology to manage change? Or managing change because of technology

Recently I had to make a decision about whether I needed to update my website as since I launched my book “Leading for Change – how to thrive during uncertain times” much had changed.  This led me to consider my technology strategy and how I was using my website to share information.  Was it worth doing?  How would it benefit my business and [...]

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Is there a link between Personal and Organisational Change?

Some of the feedback I have received from readers of my book "Leading for Change – how to thrive during uncertain times” has been surprising.  People have welcomed the insights because they are going through personal changes and found that it was useful to apply the success factors that I have found useful in supporting organisations when they were going [...]

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How well do you implement change?

Time and gain people tell me that it is not designing and developing change that is hard.  It is the implementation!   Recently I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a great team of leaders who I worked with 15 years ago.  After we had our Zoom meeting, I sent round the photo of the group to everyone with a [...]

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