Partnering and Consulting to Support Organisational Change

Kathryn Simpson offers individual advice, small group and workshops interactions to help her clients navigate the complicated world of organisational change. From helping leaders gain clarity on the change their organisations need, to helping prepare them and their teams to successfully implement the needed change, Kathryn brings a customised approach and many years of consulting in change experience to every engagement.

As the best-selling author of Leading for Change, Kathryn brings a practical and efficient approach to helping organisations achieve a more desirable situation through collaborating with leaders to effectively implement the right types of change.

Here is how Kathryn supports her clients:

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Planning for Change

Preparing for Change

When they first realize change is needed in their organisation, leaders can often feel unsure about the most effective and efficient way to go about making the change. The best approach to planning for change includes a holistic consideration of the current situation, by understanding stakeholder perspectives.

By performing a organisational assessment, Kathryn helps you formulate a plan for change by establishing a practical and realistic evaluation of the organisation’s current state. This begins mobilising the team’s readiness for change.

Kathryn Simpson :: Preparing for Change

Planning for Change

With a clear understanding of their current state, the focus shifts to identifying the desired future state and the key priorities needed to achieve.

By guiding teams through workshops, Kathryn gets them ready for the changes they are about to undertake.

This results in teams who have unified visions, aligned goals and high-level action plans that can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Supporting Change

Embedding Change

Even with leaders and their teams sharing a unified vision and aligned goals, actually implementing change can be difficult. While the ideals of change are desirable, day-to-day responsibilities and competing priorities can slow progress towards real change.

Kathryn works with leaders through the change implementation phase. By collaborating with the organisation’s appropriate internal resources and providing customized support, she helps the team stay focused, committed and on-track to achieve their desired future.

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Enabling Change

Enabling Ongoing Change

As they embark on their journey through change, leaders and their teams may need additional support. Team membership, stakeholders priorities, economic conditions and many other factors evolve and change.

Kathryn supports the team through their entire change journey. With one-on-one coaching, interactive team sessions, small group workshops and bringing a wide range of methodologies, Kathryn has an evolving and dynamic set of tools to help leaders and their teams achieve effective change for the long term.

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