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Services Tailored to Help Organisations Set & Achieve Goals
for Growth, Improvement or Transition

Kathryn Simpson offers a number of services to help her clients set and achieve organisational goals. She works with the senior management team and key stakeholders to identify those goals that will result in successful growth, improvement or transition, and brings a strategic approach to develop a plan to achieve those goals. With more than 20 years of management consulting experience, she brings a proven and customized approach to each project. With a calm, nurturing and comfortably accountable demeanor, she supports teams in successfully implementing their plan, ensuring short and long-term success!

Here are some of the services that Kathryn offers to her clients:

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Assessing Your Organizations Current State with Environmental Scans

Environmental Scans

Usually done as a prelude to running strategy workshops, these scans are performed in a variety of ways to suit specific situations, for example through one-to-one-to-one meetings, focus groups, and analysing pertinent data.

A tried and tested approach involves customising questions to draw information from selected stakeholders, engaging them in the reasons for potential changes and increasing their strategic thinking capability.

Done in conjunction with a strategy workshop means that attendees are involved in this process early, resulting in engaged and motivated participants at the workshop.

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Strategy Workshops to Help Improve Your Organization

Strategy Workshops

Workshops are at the core of the services offered.

Meticulous planning for these workshops ensures that the outputs are clear, the relevant inputs have been identified and collated and that the agenda is designed to focus on the outputs.

Engaging the team in their future aspirations so they are ready to take the next steps is an integral part of the workshops.

Despite the detailed planning, flexibility in ensuring the needs of the group are met is critical and extensive experience of running workshops means that new approaches are adopted as needed.

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Organizational Leadership Coaching

Coaching Leaders

Leaders at all levels need support as they implement change.

A variety of skills are needed – from scoping out and detailing action plans within their initiatives, holding others accountable for delivering, getting the resources and sponsorship needed, measuring success and much more.

Depending on the organisation this might be working with the client team leader, their right hand implementation coordinator or the team itself.

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Supporting Your Leaders to Run Effective and Efficient Meetings

Designing Leaders Meetings

This service is used at all levels of the organisation, including boards.

Leadership team meetings can be very operational and process based. To be successful in driving change, a move to more strategic and output focused meeting is often required.

An assessment of the way team meetings are run is quickly followed by proposing new ways of running meetings to focus on future success, whilst balancing with current operational needs. Additional support can be provided in running these meetings on an interim basis whilst participants get used to new ways of working.

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Leveraging Partnerships for the Highest Levels of Synergy

Partnership Improvement

As organisations increasingly outsource and partner with other organisations, it is essential that they are working together with partners effectively.

This service takes organisations and its partners beyond the contracts and service level agreements they have.

Partnership principles are developed and then assessed based on how they are demonstrated, so that focused and prioritised improvements can be made.

A simple three-step process takes the partnership to be the best it can be.