Why Work With Kathryn

Why Work With Kathryn 2018-09-17T14:17:35+00:00

Choosing the right consultant is very important for your organization and the management team that leads it.

Here are some of the reasons why organization leaders choose to work with me.


Working as a consultant in many diverse organisations, a business lead in major blue chip companies and as owner of my own business I bring a unique blend of experiences that enable a quick assimilation of organisational context. A structured approach to gathering pertinent information supplements understanding that is needed to make an impact.


To get results you have to focus.  Working with the end in mind, whether its designing a workshop or delivering a consulting project is ingrained in my approach.  People who work with me benefit from my (gentle!) challenging to focus their teams and organisations on the outcomes they need for success.


Through decades of consulting and management experience, I’ve observed the operation of dozens of organizations . I’ve seen many different types of businesses try to set and achieve strategic goals for stronger and better futures. Having seen where organization leaders have succeeded and failed, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each of my projects.


I bring structured approaches to ensure diverse stakeholder voices are heard.  Decisions are made based on a strategic understanding of context and with the impact on stakeholders known. The journey of buy in and engagement is started during our work together  so implementing change is smoother.


Success is defined by what you need as we start our partnership.  It’s a constant thread, as we scope out how to gather the understanding needed, create the focus for teams and individuals and engage stakeholders in results.  Integrating the perspectives of many successful experiences and learnings with your unique context and goals is a great recipe for achieving success.