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Change Leadership Expert

Kathryn Simpson is a respected and successful change leadership expert, with diverse career experience in Europe and North America. She has over twenty-five years of consulting and line experience with leading organisations, including Unilever, Mars, KPMG and GSK. Since 2007, she has been leading her own independent consulting business, partnering with leaders at all levels to help them achieve growth and sustainable success.

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Leading for Change - Amazon Best Seller


Best-Selling Author

In 2020, Kathryn wrote Leading for Change: How to Thrive During Uncertain Times. Her book outlines eight success factors that will enable leaders of change to create a pathway to future organisational success.


Helping Leaders & Teams Through Change

Kathryn helps progressive leaders through organisational change. Leaning on her 25 years of industry experience and with a full range of individual consulting & coaching, interactive team sessions, and small group workshops, Kathryn helps guide her clients through organisational change.

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Kathryn Simpson :: Leading for Change - How to Thrive During Uncertain Times

Leading for Change: How to Thrive During Uncertain Times

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