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Experience gets results

I create the way for organisations to focus and align and thus propel themselves towards their goals.  I do this by bringing many years of experience from large organisations like Unilever, Mars, GSK, KPMG and tailoring an approach that provides the optimum balance of discipline and support for the situation.  Since 2007 I’ve worked collaboratively with leaders across and within many different organisations to enable and empower them to develop and transform their collective vision into measurable results, such as growing revenue, increasing profits or delivering more value in a sustainable way.

Grows your strategic change capabilities

Long-term organizational performance is critical for me. I’m proud to see the organisations increasing their leadership focus, accountability and most importantly grow strategic change capabilities and doing more themselves. To achieve this, we work together using practical approaches that increase the ability to connect and partner with various stakeholders to deliver competitive advantage.

Connects to great resources

Building strong relationships and partnerships is an integral part of what I do and I am lucky to have an excellent network of other independent consultants who have complementary skills.  Focusing on what we each do best enables the organisations I work with to take advantage of many years of experience and knowledge that exist in my network, and everyone gains by the increase in knowledge and results that are achieved.

My Associations

I’m proud to be a member of the following associations.