Using technology to manage change? Or managing change because of technology

Recently I had to make a decision about whether I needed to update my website as since I launched my book “Leading for Change – how to thrive during uncertain times” much had changed.  This led me to consider my technology strategy and how I was using my website to share information.  Was it worth doing?  How would it benefit my business and [...]

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2020 Vision – The Power of Hindsight

Welcome to the summer of 2021. It has been quite a few months. Who would have thought a year ago that it would take so long to evolve into the new normal that we longed for in the spring of 2020? Since a vaccine for Covid-19 was developed, a worldwide programme to immunise everyone has gathered pace.  We are tracking and managing [...]

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Be strategic??

What does it really mean to be strategic?  Early in my career I heard that “In order to succeed you have to be strategic”.  Think strategically and that's how you will advance. And then I had a performance appraisal. “Doing really well in all areas – projects are great, you deliver on everything that's expected.” But, (you know that “but” in performance [...]

Keep quiet and watch your team take off!

As a parent I have learnt that children grow up to be independent and creative when there is an environment that enables them to explore and find their own way.  Telling them what to do becomes less effective as they grow up and they develop a mind of their own!  This analogy can be extended to organizations as the old [...]

Think not do – the work of a leader

In the frenetic pace of the world we live in, there is an increasing pressure to do something rather than think.  Articles abound that tell you to stop procrastinating and just do something. But there is a real danger to just doing something, anything, that has the impression that you are action oriented and are moving things forward.  This is especially [...]

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