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Kathryn’s Presentations

The Collaboration Conundrum

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: The Collaboration Conundrum - The Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science March 31, 2017 presentation

March 31, 2017 – Presented at the Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science breakfast seminar Kathryn described a way to measure success and continuously improve your partnerships.

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Engaging Leaders in Change

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Change Management Institute Presentation - Engaging Leaders in Change - March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017 – Presented to the Change Management Institute, Kathryn detailed some of the barriers and solutions to engaging leaders at the beginning of an organizational initiative.

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Strategy Workshops

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Strategy Workshops April 15, 2015 presentation at Jungle Drum

April 15, 2015 – Kathryn facilitated a discussion at the Jungle Drum network on running the best strategy workshops and shared her experiences in running many sessions on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Align or Fail!

Kathryn Simpson Consulting :: Align or Fail! presentation delivered to PIPMG in June 2018

June 11, 2018 –  Kathryn led discussions on why it is important to tie your project success to the overall vision of the company and ways to take stakeholder perspectives into account when setting success measures.

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Kathryn’s Case Studies

Creating a Seamless Virtual Organisation

This is an example of how one company worked with its partners to take their success to the next level. Click here to read …

Leading Through Growth

This company was growing and wanted to maintain its culture through focusing on its desired culture through the change. Click here to read …

Successful Short Term Decisions Through Long Term Planning

This local operating company needed to make short term decisions and was able to make more effective changes by thinking about its long term strategy. Click here to read …

Delivering Global Goals by Focusing on Outputs

This new global team needed to set its annual objectives and thought about its end state to enable effective objective setting. Click here to read …

Effective Leadership Meetings – Focusing on Measurable Results

A leadership team transformed the way it worked by implementing a scorecard. Click here to read …

Increased Leadership Alignment by Focused Action Planning and Measurement

Different leadership capabilities were developed  to enable a team to implement its plan successfully. Click here to read …

Living the Value Proposition in Resource Constrained Environment

A division delivered its goals despite many changes to its ways of working. Click here to read …

A Competitive Advantage by Enhancing Cross Functional Working

A medical function within a Medical device company transformed its way of working to add significant value to the business. Click here to read …

Not for Profit Organisation Increases its Membership After Launching New Vision

An industry association changed its ways of working to achieve the measurable goals it set. Click here to read …

Improved Planning Process Increasing Accountability and Focus

A corporation changed the way it did planning by creating a more effective and simpler process that stakeholders bought into. Click here to read …

A More Effective Portfolio of Change

An organisation looked at all the change initiatives it had ongoing and ensured that there was coordination to minimise impact on employees. Click here to read …

Manufacturer Ready to Implement Significant Change

Three different global manufacturing sites coordinated their change efforts to ensure an effective change happened at each site. Click here to read …

Focus on the Customer Through Organisational Realignment

A scientific division re-evaluated who its primary customers were and changed its focus and organisational structure to ensure that customers needs were being met. Click here to read …

New Leadership Team Establishes Its Direction

After merging two organisations a divisional leadership team agreed its key priorities and focus for the future. Click here to read …

Creating Business Plans Resulted in Meeting Investment Goals

Individual scientific departments became accountable for achieving their contribution to an overall investment plan increasing their business acumen in the process. Click here to read …

New Planning Process Drives Results

An overall target was achieved by having an action plan with timeline and accountabilities. Click here to read …

Implementing Lean Sigma – with Results!

Lean Sigma was used to engage employees in achieving cost targets and being able to do more with less. Click here to read …

Process Improvements in a Large Hospital

Tools were provided to enable a hospital to improve its patient focused care. Click here to read …

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