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Leading for Change – How to thrive during uncertain times

Do you want to create change – and motivate others to make it happen? As a leader in a constantly evolving business environment, with many immediate priorities, it’s hard to know the best way to define and implement change, and bring everyone along with you. This book spells out the eight success factors that will enable you, as a leader of [...]

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‘Old Habits Die Hard’….Or Do They?

It now seems a lifetime ago, but it’s less than 5 months since Larraine Solomon and I held our first World Cafe Event with the Change Management Institute. On a cold January evening, the ‘paradoxes of change’ were discussed and debated in an insightful and high-energy conversation. We considered why people choose to change in their personal lives but often resist [...]

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When times are uncertain – focus on your strengths!

Our world is rapidly changing and often we are swept along by many different priorities and demands coming from all angles.  Sometimes we are immobilized because we are overwhelmed by many waves of change. Sometimes we are reluctant to change because we recognise that upcoming changes might mean that whatever we do today might not be relevant in tomorrow’s world.  [...]

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Behave yourself to get results

One of the most impactful parts of any team meeting is when there is agreement on the behaviours that, when adopted by team members, will enable success. This is effectively done as soon as you have confirmed the outputs of a meeting, by asking “How do we need to behave in order to achieve our outputs?” Sounds a bit childish? [...]

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